Experts Prove COVID Vaccine Is Useless

If you’re overweight, getting the Covid vaccine might not give you complete protection from the virus. According to Nature magazine, being overweight might reduce the results of vaccines as vaccines often do not work well for people with obesity.

Several other studies have also shown that obesity is a glaring risk factor for coronavirus infection. In a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, August 2020 edition, it was suggested that obesity can be a risk factor for fatal covid infections, especially among middle-aged and even younger men.

Beyond obesity, there are a few other factors that might lower the protection the vaccines offer. A study in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, showed that stress, depression and loneliness, along with overall poor health habits can weaken a person’s immunity and reduce the vaccine’s strength.

Covid vaccines might also be weak for people with severe conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, liver problems, kidney disease or immunosuppressed conditions like cancer. These problems can change your immune system’s reaction to the vaccine, Jyoti Mutta, a microbiologist told IANS.

Mutta also said it is important to avoid alcohol during the vaccination as it too could lower the effectiveness.

Alexander Gintsburg, the creator of the Sputnik V version of the vaccine, suggests not consuming alcohol for several days after receiving the vaccine. 

Doctors also tell patients to avoid things like smoking and to get plenty of sleep to get maximum benefit from any vaccine.

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