Guy Does 100 Sit-Ups a Day For 30 Days. Look What Happened…

These few workouts will take your six pack to the next level:

1 – The Standing Rollout

This is one of the most effective core workouts you can do, but it is hard. If you can learn and get used to the standing rollout, your abs will get super strong in no time. To work your way up to this powerhouse move, use band assistance for extra help.

2 – The L-Sit

This is probably the single most “bang for your buck” abdominal movement. You can build a tremendous amount of muscle by doing this – basically you workout your entire anterior chain (pecs, abs, quads and hip flexors).

Begin with the bent-knee versions and slowly work to straight legs. These don’t get easier, instead you just get much stronger.

3 – The Dragon Flag

The dragon flag helps build your abs while also improving your relative abdominal power.

Avoid breaking at your hips to maintain maximum tension on your six pack area. Start with one of your legs or both bent. Work toward straight legs as you build strength.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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