Guy Does 100 Sit-ups Per Day — And Learns a Valuable Lesson

In his goal to get “godlike” abs, YouTuber Isaiah Photo took on a public challenge to focus on his abs; 100 situps per day, for 30 days. He soon discovered there is more to getting a six pack than doing endless crunches.

The first thing he was forced to do was break the 100 reps into an easier number. “I couldn’t do the 100 situps, so I would as many as I could, then rest for 30 seconds, and then continue with the situps until I reached the 100 mark., he says.

“It never took me long, maybe 6 minutes at most, so I really believe anyone can do this., he said. “With repetition, these situps get easier.”

And after 30 days of doing 100 situps, he was disappointed to only have a decrease in stomach fat. “My jeans were looser., he says, “but I don’t have a six-pack.” He adds that diet is an important factor that cannot be underestimated when trying to build a six-pack.

But another problem is that repetition alone does not mean success. As Isaiah realized, progression in difficulty is needed:

“If you keep doing the same exercise and you’re not adding weights, you are not making it harder for your abs. And when your muscles are not being strained, they’re not breaking down and regrowing.”

“If you want to build muscle anywhere on your body, you must keep increasing the weight., he concludes. “And that is difficult with situps, because all you have is your bodyweight.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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