Have You Tried The “James Bond” Shower Trick?

James Bond was not the only person to enjoy the benefits of a cold shower. Back in ancient times, hot water was a luxury. People who lived close to a hot spring could enjoy a hot bath, but most of humanity was forced to “suffer” through cold baths.

The Spartans even purposely used cold water because they believed it tempered the body and made it vigorous for fighting. And they weren’t entirely incorrect. Even today, athletes often take ice baths to speed their muscle repair from intense workouts and even injuries. But the benefits of cold showers go beyond simple muscle repair.

1. Relieves depression.

Lots of men in history have suffered from depression. Henry David Thoreau was one. Thoreau would often take baths in the cold Walden Pond and maybe that helped him fight off his depression. Research from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine shows that cold showers may kickstart the brain’s “blue spot”– the brain’s main source of noradrenaline — which can mitigate depression.

2. Increases your circulation.

Good blood flow is crucial for good cardiovascular health. Healthy circulation also helps muscle recovery. And switching between cold and hot water while you shower is a simple way to increase your circulation. Cold water triggers your blood to move to your organs. While warm water reverses that effect by moving the blood towards the surface of your skin. Cold shower supporters say that stimulating your circulatory system like this keeps you healthier and younger than hot showers.

3. Keeps hair and skin healthy.

Hot water will dry out your hair and skin. If you want to avoid that irritating itch, go for a cold water shower. Also, cold water can make your hair look shinier and your skin healthier by closing your pores.

4. Strengthens your immunity.

According to a study from the Thrombosis Research Institute, people who took cold water showers had an increase in the number of virus combating white blood cells versus people who took hot water showers. Researchers think the increased metabolic rate, which comes from the body’s effort to warm itself back up, releases more white blood cells.

5. More fertility.

Studies done in the 50’s revealed that hot baths were a decent contraceptive. Men who took a hot bath for 30 minutes every other day for three weeks became essentially infertile for months. And recently a study at the University of California tested what would happen when men experienced 30 minutes of “wet heat” each week. When the study ended, the men’s sperm count had increased by an incredible 491%.

6. Increases your energy.

Cold showers increase your heart’s pumping, and that blood rush helps get past last night’s sleep. That spike in energy can last several hours. While it hasn’t been proven scientifically, many men swear that cold showers are a great stress reducer.

How to Start A Cold Water Routine – Just Like James Bond

It’s important not to do too much, too soon. My suggestion is to slowly decrease the hotness of the water so you have time to adjust.

Also, some people with particular health problems should not take cold showers. If you have any of the following conditions, don’t do it:

  • Heart disease.
  • Overheated or have a fever.
  • High blood pressure.

If you’re healthy and ready for a cold shower, here’s the way to do it with minimum pain:

1. Begin with the coldest water you can stand.

2. Wash yourself

3. When it’s time to rinse, turn the water to an even colder setting.

4. Keep decreasing your starting temperature each time you shower, until your starting temperature is a complete cold.

Author: Blake Ambrose


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