Here’s What The COVID Vaccine Is Doing To Your Testicles

Nicki Minaj has made a tweet that got people’s attention, in which the singer made a wild claim about the vaccine’s strange side-effects.

“My cousin will not get the covid vaccine because his friend got it and then turned impotent,” she said. “His testicles swole. His friend was about to get married, now she called off the wedding.”

In a new segment on the healthcare TV show The Doctors, urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz spoke about concerns that some people might have about getting vaccinated against coronavirus leading to impotence or other adverse reactions in their genitals.

Spitz said that not being able to keep an erection can happen for all sorts of reasons, including intoxication, or being under a lot of stress, or while suffering from symptoms of flu, which can occur after getting the vaccine. But if vaccination were to cause routine erectile dysfunction, which Dr. Spitz does not believe, he says that the cause could be psychological rather than physical.

“That can be very scary, when a man has trouble there for the first time,” he said. “He could think, what’s wrong with me. This leads to anxiety and stress, and that can lead to performance anxiety, which is very common, not from the covid vaccine, but from experiencing a bad episode… What happens is the next time he has sex, the thought crosses his mind, what if I have issues like last time?”

This stress can cause a release of adrenaline, Spitz said, which gets blood away from the body’s extremities to the lungs, heart, and brain. Which then causes it to be harder to keep an erection.

In the TV segment, Spitz repeated the important of listening to medical professionals over celebs:

“No matter how huge a celebrity you are, whatever your role is, you are still a human being and you are still subject to fear,” he stated. “And unless you are a medical expert, it is easy to be afraid and to feel the need to avoid something that you are afraid of. But the data is very compelling. There is been over a billion vaccinations given, and the real harm and complication rate is really low. But we know the harm and complications of getting a covid infection is actually quite high.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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