How Chris Pratt Trains… “This Was More Important Than I Knew”

By Matthew Jussim December 6th, 2019 | Image Source : Men's Journal

After starring in two of the biggest franchises in movie history with the AvengersOpens in a new Window. and Jurassic WorldOpens in a new Window. series, Chris PrattOpens in a new Window. is trying to make an original franchise of his own. Pratt’s next live-action movie is The Tomorrow WarOpens in a new Window., a sci-fi thriller that involves time travel, an alien invasion, and just a little battle for the fate of humanity.

Directed by Chris McKay, who worked with Pratt on The Lego Movie, the film follows Pratt’s husband/father character as he is drafted from the past to fight a war in the future. Pratt spoke with Men’s JournalOpens in a new Window. about the movie and said that fans should be very excited about the type of action movie he’s putting together.

“The Tomorrow War is going to be epic—it’s like nothing you have ever seen before,” Pratt says. “I can’t really reveal much, but I can tell you that you’re going to love it. Yvonne Strahovski is awesome in it, and so is J.K. SimmonsOpens in a new Window.. We’ve really become a family on set, and I think that will show on screen when audiences finally get a chance to check it out.”

To prepare for the film, Pratt trained using a range of different workouts and techniques, including some that he previously used for his role as Star-Lord/Peter Quill in the Guardians of the GalaxyOpens in a new Window. franchise. Pratt said he’s been using a similar workout that was designed by his personal trainer Duffy Gaver, which includes a dynamic warmup and two circuit routines, and he’s also been incorporating yoga and fighting-related workouts to his routine.

“I’ve been really into boxing and mixed martial arts lately. I find that the more I switch up my workouts, the more it shocks my body to keep in shape,” Pratt said. “There are a lot of action and fight scenes in the movie, and those workouts have helped a lot.”

On top of that, Pratt’s training for the movie has helped him in some other ways: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important it is to really take the time to stretch your muscles,” Pratt says. “When I was younger, I always just thought it was about how much weight you can lift in the gym, but that’s not the case. Stretching and warming up your muscles helps prevent injuries. That’s important when I’m working on a film like this one.”

For Pratt, this marks a major moment in his career, and not just because it could become another potential franchise under his belt: Pratt is also executive producing The Tomorrow War.

“Working on The Tomorrow War is the first time I’m taking a producing role on one of my films,” Pratt says. “Being an actor, your day ends when they call wrap. But the day doesn’t end for a producer. You have to be involved with budgets, creative, worry about meeting deadlines, and everything else. It’s truly been such a rewarding opportunity to stretch out of my comfort zone to take on a larger leadership role and grow in learning a side of the business I haven’t experienced before.”

Here’s a first look from Pratt at the film:

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This is my first time executive producing on a movie! And I can finally post about it!!! The title “Ghostdraft,” turned out to be problematic for various reasons so we started looking at other options… We went through: Generation Alien World War A Generation Gone Saving private Ryaalien WWZ2 but with As not Zs HORIZON WHITESPIKE HERO movie brought to you by Verizon JUrassic Draft GENERATION Draft Miller genuine Draft City Slickers Alien Dawn Rapture Dawn Apocalypse Dawn Hero Dawn Destiny war Saving tomorrow The Tomorrow War THE TOMORROW WAR THE TOMORROW WAR!!!! And that’s when it hit me…. We’re calling it #TheTomorrowWar So get ready, cause I’m gonna auction off a set visit very soon. Details coming. And you’re gonna be seeing a lot of pics and posts from set!!! 🙏👍🏼♥️👽☠️

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Even though Pratt is focused on his new potential franchise with The Tomorrow War, he hasn’t taken focus off of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Opens in a new Window.. The third film is set to start filming in 2020 for a potential 2021 release.

Everything You Need to Know About What’s Next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Opens in a new Window.
“Peter Quill/ Star Lord will always have a special place in my heart,” Pratt says. “Having the opportunity to play that character changed my life. I love the entire Guardians family. Director James Gunn is a master, and I cannot wait for what the next installment has to bring fans of the franchise.”

Author: Matthew Jussim

Source: Men’s Journal: Chris Pratt on His New Action Movie ‘The Tomorrow War’ and How He’s Training for It

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