How This 47yo Stays Fit — No Matter What

Steve Backshall has pushed himself to the limits over the past two decades.

The Deadly 60 host uses bodyweight exercises to form the foundation of his training, which is customized to his expeditions.

“It’s all aimed at having explosive potential when I need it. At my age, it’s the first thing to go, if you don’t keep it maintained.”

Chin-ups are important. “I do chin ups every other day,” Backshall says. “They are great for the ratio of upper strength to your bodyweight.”

Wherever Backshall is going during his expeditions, he’s certainly not slowing down even after 40.

Here is a look at the details of his three top exercises that he uses to get his physique into a ready state.

How To Get Yourself “Expedition Ready” After 40

The Tire Flip

5 reps, 3 sets

With your feet spread to shoulder length apart, bring your hips back, keeping a straight back and with your core engaged, grip the tire and drive up using your hips. Once the tire is nearly up straight, let it fall back down.

The Dragon Flag

10 reps, 3 sets

Lay on a bench, grip the top of the bench behind your head. Bring your legs up. Spike your toes straight with your legs and then brace yourself. Return to your starting spot, being sure not to bend at your hips, or arch your back. This is one rep.

The Skinner

5 reps, 3 sets

Hanging from ceiling rings, raise your knees and bring your feet through your arms, into what’s called the pike position. Then bring your feet round. Reverse by engaging your abs to bring your legs up and over.

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