How This Guy Lost 15 Pounds With Two Simple Habit Changes

Gerhard Erasmus, 34, shares how he built muscle and lost weight through a transformation challenge that is on the Morsia app created by coach and bodybuilder Matt Morsia, on his YouTube channel.

After spending around two weeks in Zanzibar, I went back to Dubai and saw what I looked like in all the photos, and I realized that I had added some weight and that I was was out of shape. At that same time, the Morsia Challenge was released for this first time. I did not have any excuse not to make changes, so I took on the challenge.

While I was not working with a coach in real life, the information section of the app was all I needed as my trainer; it answered every question I had, plus I have been a longtime subscriber of Matt’s channel, so I have a good understanding of calories out vs calories in, and the different workouts. My main motivation was doing the challenge for myself, for my sanity and health. After a long tough week at work, a Morsia workout would give me what I needed and boost my morale.

The hardest part of this was finding the time to fit in a workout in my busy schedule; I have a very demanding job, so my time was limited. Whenever I was able to squeeze in a workout, I would. This usually meant working out early in the morning or very late at night, but it turned out to be worth every single workout. I have my phones wallpaper set to a quote: “Discipline equals freedom.”

My biggest takeaway from the whole challenge was to be more consistent with my diet and the workouts. There were many times that I had to say No to my favorite carrot cake! I followed a push-pull-legs split six days every week and my calorie intake remained between 2,000 and 2,200 each day, with about 180 gm of protein each day. Looking back on the 90-day challenge, it made me much more aware of my calorie intake and the different calorie amounts in all the different food types… If I could take my food scale out to a restaurant, I would.

In total I had shed around 15 pounds in just 90 days, and I began seeing significant results after about six weeks while using the app. My biggest change was my waist shrinkage; I went from a 36 to a 32-inch waist, but also, my t-shirts started looking better on me, I was filling them out a lot better with a more defined chest, shoulders and biceps. My girlfriend was absolutely surprised, and she was my biggest supporter by far. She was so inspired after seeing my results that she registered for the current Morsia transformation challenge.

I am currently doing the second 90-day challenge, and I am down another 6.6 pounds. My next goal is to lose 20 more pounds. If I could give any advice to someone on their own weight loss journey, it would be to weigh out your peanut butter, count all your calories, and just to trust the process. Stay consistent and be patient.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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