How This Guy Lost 65 Pounds Without Even Trying Much

I tried not to think about my weight gain for a long time. I would not get on a scale or accept that I was obese. I felt tired every day because of eating way too much food, at all hours of the day, and I was eating a lot of processed foods because it was easier.

After over five years I finally realized while seeing my kids playing that I was getting easily out of breath and could not move around like I use to. I decided the best thing I could give my kids is not to burden them as they are growing up. This means I have to stay healthy, and be mobile for as long as I can. I  started reading about metabolic diseases. This was when I decided to sign up with Ultimate Performance and take back my body and mind.

I started training three times a week. I was doing multiple exercises with a lot of rep’s which helped to reduce body fat in an efficient manner. With the demands of my role as a CEO, having the time to exercise and train three times a week took commitment.

I did not have experience in weights or resistance training before this. I learned a lot from what foods to eat to techniques lifting heavy volume from my trainer Gabriel. The most important lesson was not to compare myself to others, and to stay focused on my own results both mentally and physically.

Other than being consistent and committed, one of the most important factors was having the support of my spouse. We are big on food, but as we both transformed, we grew more encouraged and started to change the way we ate, and the times we ate. We also started growing closer to our kids on what they would eat. Eating right does not have to be tasteless or boring. The process of making changes to our diet as a family has brought us closer together.

I lost around 66 pounds and went from 34.4% body fat to 10.6% body fat. I also gained around 4.4 pounds of lean body mass. The funniest part of my transformation was that the only workout clothes I could find that would fit me was my P.E. clothes from 20 years ago at school.

Focus is one of the most important traits a man can have. It creates motivation and drive. The mind being trained to switch on and off during each exercise also helped me to focus on being a husband, father, and son at home.

I now have more energy for my kids, and I have become more focused on my business moving forward. My relationship with my family has improved, especially with my wife who saw the big change in me.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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