How To Easily Boost Your Testosterone (While Protecting Your Prostate)

It’s not very often you come across a fruit that has so much devotion to it by multiple cultures and religions throughout history than the pomegranate.

And while it might be easy to dismiss the knowledge of ancient people, it is very telling when such a large amount of humans noticed the incredible benefits of pomegranates, either using its unadulterated version or through tinctures and teas, they knew it healed the human body in many different ways.

Apart from its taste, the fruit is touted for its incredible antioxidant powers, 90% of which is connected to its polyphenols.

But if we research these facts further, we find that 50% of this antioxidative benefit comes from only one polyphenol, and that is ellagitannin (a type of polyphenols) called punicalagin.

What do they do?

By themselves, punicalagins do not do much. They are not even absorbed well. But, once they go through your gastrointestinal tract, they are converted into something called ellagic acid, some of which is metabolized into other compounds, among them being urolithin, which enters your blood through the colon.

Both urolithin and ellagic acid are among the top antioxidants known. Being a top antioxidant is only one of their powers. They have many more excellent capabilities, among them being:

Benefit 1 — They block testosterone from turning into estrogen

Punicalagin/urolithin will inhibit aromatase activity, which essentially means it stops the transformation of testosterone into estrogen, giving you elevated testosterone naturally.

This increase seems substantial too, as one study discovered that people experienced a raised level of testosterone by around 24%.

Benefit 2 — They block testosterone from turning into DHT

Punicalagin/ellagic acid stops the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. This will lead to lower amounts of testosterone being changed into DHT, thereby raising testosterone while stopping growth of the prostate.

Benefit 3 — A Viagra replacement

Punicalagin/urolithin also increases your nitric oxide (NO) levels, which will lead to more easily relaxed muscle fibers on the penile arteries so you get more blood.

That’s the exact mechanism that makes Viagra the miracle that it is. But punicalagins/urolithins increases neuronal nitric oxide synthase, and Viagra will increase endothelial nitric oxide synthase. Regardless of which type of NO, you will almost certainly get a new shocking erection.

How Much And Where?

Punicalagins have an incredible amount of benefits. The problem is, punicalagins are only found in two members of the pomegranate family.

To get the benefit, just eat pomegranates or drink its juice. That’s one move in the right direction, but punicalagins are mostly only in the bark and leaves of the fruit, none of which are used in commercial pomegranate juice.

That means the best technique to get more punicalagins/ellagic acid/urolithin is to start taking a daily supplement.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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