How To Eat For Max Muscle Gains Even On a Budget

YouTuber and fitness guru Jujumufu (Jon Call) likes to have fun by changing up his diet and workout. To help his gains, he has previously attempted The Rock’s cod diet, and in his most recent YouTube video, he gave a challenge to himself to discover food on a tight budget.

As the video starts, Juji goes to the Harris Teeter grocery store with Eric Bugenhagen, another bodybuilder—and the two have only $50 to see how much they can get for a week with certain muscle-building items. With this goal in mind, the big duo go into the store to being their shopping spree.

First they go to the bread aisle, snatching up loaves of breads and comparing calories relative to price. Bugenhagen says “too processed.” Next, they go to the beverage aisle, and Bugenhagen picks up some prune juice. “This is very nutritionally dense. There is protein, fiber, some amino acids along with some sugars,” Bugenhagen said. But it is $6, and the two discuss how it could ‘deplete them’ after some time with trips to the bathroom. So they skip it.

Next, they think about tortillas, and although they have lots of carbs and calories, Bugenhagen says he prefers bagels when for bulking. They also look at popcorn kernels—yet another ‘bulk’ food for Bugenhagen.

The first food they finally put inside their shopping cart is sourdough pretzels, which have as much as 1,760 calories for each bag, which is almost “a day of food.” Or as Bugenhagen reports, “Carbs are protein sparing. Do you want calories?” He puts 14 bags in his cart.

Next, they go to the baking aisle and Bugenhagen goes for a bottle of organic MCT oil. After stressing about the price, however, he changes it for coconut oil (which has MCT’s.) “Instant energy,” he reports. At last, they reach the peanut butter aisle—for only $9, a jar of peanut butter has a whopping 6,650 calories.

Juji tells his audience that his macros are spread among protein, carbs and fat. “It is a complete meal,” says Bugenhagen. “This is the best diet. I’m not kidding. We do not even need the coconut oil.”

The end total? $47.15, for around 10,000 calories per day. Objective accomplished.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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