How To Get 2x The Workout, With Half The Effort

You most likely can’t spend your whole day in the gym. You must go in, get your workout done, and get out. A speedy workout is not just optional, it is essential.

Completing your workout will be even more difficult if you are training in a gym during peak hours. This means it is even more crucial to learn how to set up your exercises and finish them quickly. You might also get a few bonus points with people who hate people who hog equipment.

Here are a couple of timing-saving tricks:

Quick Workout Tip 1: Make Use Of Dumbbells For Chin-Ups And Weighted Dips

Many people use dip belts and hang weights from them. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but it may be hard to get the weights on the chain. Other people will put chains on their necks. This could be very uncomfortable for you and most commercial gyms do not even have chains. however, dumbbells are easy to access and you can put them up in seconds.

If you are using one, there are two ways to keep it between your feet. One is a lot better than the other.

The first way is to place your dumbbell vertically between both feet by bringing your toes upward. While this is not incorrect, you will be limited by how much weight your muscles in front of your shin can hold up. It is also harder to keep the dumbbell from slipping. So this is not the best setup.

The second, which is the best way is to place the weight horizontally between both feet and bend both knees slightly, so the upper portion of the dumbbell lies on your lower calf. It might take a little practice, but it will be almost impossible for the dumbbell to fall once you have mastered this technique.

Here is what it looks like when you are doing chin-ups and dips.

Ensure that your hamstrings are warmed up before starting.

Since the knees will be somewhat flexed, the hamstrings will be active using this approach. Depending on how heavy your dumbbells are, you might strain your hamstring if you do not warm up correctly.

Use pauses while doing dips will help to guard your shoulders.

Things can go south fast, so do not rush your weighted dips and hurt your shoulder. By keeping the lift slow and focusing on maintaining your shoulder in the correct position, you greatly boost your safety.

Quick Workout Tip 2: Use a Plate Like a Lever For a Deadlift That Is Fast

Many people have a hard time setting up their deadlift. You don’t need to pick up the whole bar with just one hand while trying to put the weight on with your other hand. This is a waste of both energy and time that should be used toward your lift.

A lot of commercial gyms do not have deadlift jacks, so just put a 5-pound plate beneath your weights to set it up. Doing this will hold up the bar and make it quick and easy to load your plates.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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