How To Get 34% More Testosterone In Just 2 Weeks

A lot of men have started to go for testosterone boosters. It’s understandable given the older former athletes shown in the commercials that push the benefits of these supplements.

But included in these products are some ingredients that are not a joke. And none of them are an alternative for TRT, the real ones can help men who are somewhat lacking in testosterone with a testosterone increase which they can feel.

One of the legitimate T-increasing ingredients has lots of research to back it, this research keeps mounting. It is known as “Eastern Viagra” in some parts of Asia due to its pro-sexual benefits and, unlike other t-boosters, it has been proven to raise testosterone in both young and older men.

The latest study even led the authors to theorize that the ingredient would “help muscle strength in young adults.”

That ingredient we are talking about is the herb called Eurycoma longifolia, also known as tongkat ali or Long Jack.

A 34% Boost In Testosterone

The study discovered that taking Eurycoma daily in the form of a supplement led to a 14% increase in testosterone and 34% free testosterone, over only a two-week time frame.

Granted, they took a large amount of Eurycoma to get the largest increase – 600 mg. per day – but taking less amounts of very pure versions of the herb would remove the requirement for such big doses.

Since Eurycoma is proven to boost testosterone, it’s usually used in studies with older men who suffer from age-connected low testosterone.

One study, released in Complementary Therapies, set out to study if Eurycoma improved cardiorespiratory and strength in older men.

Forty-five men around the age of 47.6 years were divided into four sections. After 6 months, the groups that took Eurycoma had lowered symptoms of androgen deficiency of aging males (ADAM) by as much as 36.1%. Leading the researchers to applaud the “benefits of training and Eurycoma longifolia supplementation as a non-pharmacological solution for ADAM.”

The Sexual Health Study

Another piece of research found considerable benefits of Eurycoma on men’s sexual disorders, leading the authors to say:

“The data of our studies showed a promising ability of Eurycoma to solve erectile dysfunction in sexually sluggish men by increasing penile hardness and sexual performance. There was also evidence of greatly improved sexual libido and sexual satisfaction.”

Author: Scott Dowdy

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