How To Get Ripped In Your 50s

How Jay Harrington Got Stronger Than Ever at 49 for ‘S.W.A.T.’

Jay Harrington is the actor who plays Sergeant ‘Deacon’, a SWAT veteran. He knew his role would be a difficult one for sure. Before the show started, cast-members were given a police training bootcamp. “I put the gear on, picked up the gun, and was stunned by how heavy it all was,” says Harrington. The problem became worse after being on set for hours—especially given that star is almost 50. Bodies don’t recuperate like they do in your 20s.

So as Harrington was getting ready for the next season, he decided to connect with trainer Andre Bolourchi to put on some solid muscle mass. Now the 49-year-old feels stronger than ever, and has put on noticeable size.

Bolouchi designed a program to build Jay’s strength and add size without getting him too bulky. The workout below is a look into that training. Move through this workout, completing the reps and resting for 60 to 90 seconds between each before going back to the top of the list. Complete three rotations of this.

1. Hex Bar Deadlift (12 reps)

Position yourself in the center of a trap bar with your feet stationed at hip-width apart. Bend at your knees to go down and grab the handles. Push your heels into the floor, using your core, and maintaining a flat back and stuck-out chest as you bring the weight up. The motion should be quick and powerful. Engage your butt-muscles at the very top of the motion, then go back down to the ground in a slow controlled movement.

2. Barbell Reverse-Grip Row (12 reps)

Get in front of a barbell with feet stationed at shoulder-width. Bend with knees and lower yourself at hips to go down and grip the bar with the underhand grip. Bring the barbell upward, keeping your arms extended and back parallel to the ground. Start by pulling the barbell toward your midsection, only by using your arms, bringing your elbows behind your back. Hold for a second, then go back to the beginning position.

3. Static Hip Extension with Single-Arm Dumbbell Row (12 reps per side)

Take a dumbbell to a hyperextension bench or Roman chair. Take the dumbbell in your right hand, with arm extended, hold it under your shoulder and get into a static hip extension. Keep your back straight as you row the dumbbell backward, keep your elbow close to your side. Stop briefly, then return to start. Complete the reps on either side, then switch to the other side.

4. Lat Pulldowns With Resistance Band (12 reps)

Attach your band overhead somehow. If the band is not high enough, you can get on your knees to get the right height and positioning. Pull the band to your chest while flexing your shoulder blades together and holding your head level with your spine. Stop briefly, then go back to the starting position.

5. Barbell Biceps Curl (12 reps)

Hold your barbell with the underhand grip, while keeping your hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your upper arms and shoulders still, curl the barbell to your chest. Bring it all the way up to your shoulders, flexing your biceps at the top of the motion. Stop briefly, then go back to the start position.

6. Dumbbell Concentration Curl (12 reps)

Use a flat bench, sit, with legs spread widely, feet on the floor. Pick your dumbbell up in either hand using an underhand grip, put the back of your upper arm onto your inner thigh on your chosen side (right/left). Bend over enough to let your arm be fully extended. Slowly curl your dumbbell up to your shoulder without moving your upper arm. Stop briefly, then go back to the starting position.

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