How To Pack On Muscle In 30 Seconds Or Less

The best way to get into the best shape of your life is through metabolic conditioning. 

Metabolic conditioning builds strength, muscle, and endurance all at once.

As we’ll show you next, you can learn the technique using a basic barbell biceps curl. It works like this:

Use a lighter weight than you would normally use. But a warning: This technique is hard. That’s the whole reason it works so well.

You might need to adjust and use different weight sizes to find what makes your muscles fatigued but not totally exhausted to the point of sacrificing your form.

Lift your barbell to the top spot of a biceps curl, then to your shoulders. This is your contracted muscle spot.

Now squeeze your bicep muscles and start slowly bringing the weight down. Keep the motion smooth while going slow, allowing your muscle to relax.

Now take 30 seconds to lower your weight until your arms are straightened. The last 20 seconds of these 30-seconds is most vital.

When your 30-second negative is complete, do 10 regular reps by bringing your barbell to your shoulders, taking 1 second to bring the weight up and 2 seconds to bring it down. Focus on maintaining a smooth motion, 1 second up (curl), then 2 seconds down, for a total of 10 reps.

Now your biceps should be fatigued and filled with blood. With the bar along your chest at shoulder height, begin another 30-second lowering. Squeeze your bicep muscles as you lower the weight to your thighs taking a full 30 seconds to do so.

You’re done! Rest for 30 seconds, then go to your next exercise.

We recommend six exercises done on three days per week. These exercises might be:

  1. Bench Press with Barbell
  2. Leg Extension Machine
  3. Leg Press Machine
  4. Overhead Press with Barbell
  5. Bent-Over Row with Barbell
  6. Biceps Curl with Barbell

For the first week, rest for 30 seconds between each exercise.

Then trim the time between each exercise by 5 seconds for each week, while keeping your weight the same.

To avoid overdoing it, we recommend eliminating the additional 30-second negative motion each exercise during your middle-of-the-week session.

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