How To Pack On Muscle Without Going To The Gym

Want to create a solid core with true strength? Try loaded carries — moving heavy objects from one point to another point — then take things up a notch, try to experiment with different variations you can do at your local training space. Loaded crawls, as one example, workout your shoulders, your arms and your back while also building a midsection of steel.

To try them and do the dumbbell crawl exercise mentioned below, which also adds in some classic exercises to build up your arms and your chest.

To start, plan out 10 to 15 meters of open space for doing this crawl. At every end, you are going to perform a set of dumbbell rows and push-ups, starting at 20 reps for each, after every set, bear crawl to the other end of your path and do another round, lowering the reps by two every time until you get to 2 of each.

1. Dumbbell bear crawl x 10-15 meters

Get on all fours, grip your dumbbells under your shoulders. Lift one of them and reach forward with this arm, going forward with your back leg at the opposite side. Repeat with your other side. Keep switching up, going forward as fast as possible, but with control.

2. Push-up on dumbbell x 20 minus 2 each time

Stay in a strong plank position, with your core tightened and your hands on your dumbbells, bend at your elbows to get your chest to the ground. Keep your elbows near to your body as you push up with energy.

3. Renegade row x 20 minus 2 each time

After your last push-up, keep your hands on your dumbbells. Bring your weight onto your left hand, then row your right dumbbell towards your hip. Then stop briefly, and lower your weight with control. Repeat this on your left side to make one rep.

This seems like a big exercise, and it is in terms of how long it takes. But with lighter weight, anyone can do this workout to achieve large arms and a very strong core in no time. And best of all, it does not require gym equipment to accomplish this. All it takes is one pair of dumbbells.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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