How To Prevent Dementia Using a Dollar Store Item

The World Health Organization says, over 55 million people across the world suffer from dementia—a disorder that affects thinking, memory, and behavior in mostly adults over the age of 65. People in their 30s, 40’s and 50’s can develop dementia as well, although not as often. WHO says, “Dementia is a syndrome – most often of a progressive or chronic nature – that causes deterioration in cognitive function beyond what is to be expected from biological aging. It affects language, memory, judgement, thinking, calculation, orientation, comprehension, and learning capacity. It does not affect consciousness. The impairment in cognitive function is most commonly accompanied by changes in emotional control, mood, motivation, or behavior.” There is no cure for dementia, there are some things we can do to prevent it.

Keep a journal daily write down in one to two sentences describing the activities that you did that day and any news that you found important. This will help to increase your knowledge base which will help you build a cognitive reserve. Doing this will be helpful to fight against degenerative disease.” Dr. Nasreddine says.

Based on information from Dr. Nasreddine, “Having quality time with your friends and family will stimulate your brain and make your neuron network activate old synapses and create new synapses.” 

“Exercising for 150 minutes every week, will raise the amount of secretion of brain growth factors which may help prevent neurodegeneration and keep you from developing Alzheimer’s,” explains Dr. Nasreddine. “Blood flow and brain oxygen levels increase when you exercise which keeps your mind sharp. Endorphins are also increased by exercise, which decreases stress and anxiety and enhances the feeling of well being.”

Uncontrolled Hypertension, Diabetes, and High Cholesterol, can have a bad impact on cognitive performance because they can mess up neuronal function, which speeds up cognitive decline and dementia. Many studies have shown that people with controlled vascular risk factors have better outcomes.”

Your diet also plays an important role in preventing dementia. Dr. Nasreddine says, ” Up-to 40%” decrease in the chance of developing dementia can be accomplished for people who follow this diet. You must eat fish at least three times a week, fruits, olive oil, leafy green vegetables, and nuts. Avoid dairy products, red meat, and artificial sweets.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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