How To Reverse Your Age With Food

You can’t stop the clock from going forward, but science is getting good at showing us we can influence the speed of the biological clock. Keeping healthy eating habits is one way we’re able to do this.

There are many superfoods with nutritional power and research to support their incredible benefits. Including anti-aging benefits. With regular, and sometimes daily consuming of these foods, you can have a real impact on how well you age.

With this in mind, here are 3 foods that really do fight off aging.

1 – Blueberries

Blueberries have lots of vitamin C and a ton of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory bang for your buck. Lots of research shows impressive discoveries in the areas of preserving brain health, promoting heart health, lowering cancer risk, and more. In addition to combating age-related oxidation, the vitamin C within blueberries also helps cellular protection and promotes skin health as you get older.

2 – Walnuts

A new study just found that people who eat walnuts after 50 were more likely to age well compared to those who did not eat nuts. “Aging well” was defined as being without chronic disease, memory problems or physical disabilities. Walnuts help lower your total cholesterol (especially your bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, they also help manage blood pressure, and have plenty of anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, many studies find that walnuts and their synergistic ingredients might help maintain cognitive health as we age.

3 – Tea

The second most drank beverage in the world has many anti-aging benefits. Tea is both hydrating and packed with inflammation-fighting ingredients called phytochemicals.

According to recent studies, drinking just two to three cups of green or black tea per day may lower your risk of death from heart disease by around 8 percent. And it gets even better. The research also discovered that those 65 years and over might lower their risk of death from heart disease by 10 percent with each cup of tea they drink. Tea helps heart health by reducing your cholesterol and may lower your blood pressure and fat absorption.

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