How To Shrink Your Flabby Waist By Inches

Deep within your stomach lies a hidden health issue that is not talked about often—visceral fat. It is fat that wraps itself around your organs that you cannot see or touch and causes big health problems. No matter your body type and size, just about everyone has visceral fat. So how can you eliminate it? Experts have revealed ways you can shrink your visceral fat and why it is so dangerous.

1 — Swap Saturated Fats for Monounsaturated Fats

Latonya Fore, weight management expert says, “Saturated fats, or fats normally solid at room temp, are foods such as cakes, sausage, butter, and bacon. Research has revealed monounsaturated fats to lower the inflammatory response in visceral fat foods high in saturated fats help contribute to inflammation. Monounsaturated fats like olive oil, avocados and almonds.”

2 — Exercise Almost Every Day

“Visceral fat and obesity have been shown to be increased by leading a Sedentary lifestyle,” Fore states. “Try for 30 minutes of moderate intensity work outs most days during the week, such as resistance training (weightlifting) or a brisk walk twice a week can help with visceral fat. Unfortunately, sit-ups only and crunches only tighten the abdominal muscles and not the fat.”

3 — Do Cardio

Lisa Richard, says, “Exercising on an empty stomach has become a common method of losing weight and is usually called fasted cardio. Fasted cardio occurs when the digestive system is empty, which normally takes around 6 and 8 hours to accomplish. This makes it the ideal fasting period, for people who subscribe to this type of exercise, to be about 6 or 8 hours before exercise. Many have noted that their exercise quality and performance is improved when they are fasting. This might be a benefit for losing weight as the body is being pushed even harder and potentially for a longer time leading to more calories that are burned.”

4 — Why it is Important to Lose Visceral Fat

Dr. Zuriarrain explains, “The loss of visceral fat while living a healthy lifestyle enhances longevity and lowers the risks of stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, premature death and heart attacks. The reduced visceral fat also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and helps to improve cholesterol levels.” 

Author: Scott Dowdy

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