How To Trim Your Waist While Eating Junk Food

‘How to lose belly fat and get abs’ is probably among the most searched phrases on Google. And while many people say just remove fatty foods, the keto craze has showed otherwise.

Many people tout the diet as life-changing. Keto is where you completely remove carbohydrates and base your meals on protein and fat. But what if you could eat cheese all the time and still get a six-pack? A man from the UK has been doing just that. Eating 6kg of cheese per week and still keeping his six-pack.

A 52-yr-old Guy That Eats Cheese All The Time

52 year old Mark King eats two blocks of cheese daily. He eats the cheese mostly with sandwiches but also sometimes as snacks. He eats cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All this cheese totals up to 22513 calories in one week. Despite his eating habits, Mark does not have health issues like heartburn, indigestion or constipation. His cheese eating does not even make him overweight. Mark weighs 92 kgs and flaunts an amazing six-pack ab.

Should you take inspiration from Mark and follow his extreme cheese-based keto? Maybe not.

Mark gets a lot of exercise as a timber yard logger. This helps him to burn his extra calories like a fire-pit.

But this does provide hope to anyone who wants to eat your favorite food, without being fat. All you need is the right exercise regimen and it could be possible.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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