How To Use a Simple Towel To Get Huge Biceps

No one knows exactly how many steps we should take per day, after all, 10,000 is only an arbitrary number but if you bring a kettlebell for some of them, you would feel the good benefits with each stride.

“I really love this move,” says fitness expert Andrew Tracey. “It involves dynamic and isometric loading: you are hitting your biceps with a static movement, while at the same time building your core stability and targeting your scapula, traps and upper back.”

It’s also an “anti-flexion” exercise, which is important for people who are hunched over a desk every day. “Because you are holding a weight out in front of you, every step will go toward collapsing your core,” says Tracey. “To stop this, your scapula retracts, then your rhomboids, upper back, and erectors help you stay upright, while your core works to keep you from folding over.”

If you only have a heavy kettlebell, do quick 10m shuttles. But if you happen to have access to weights that are more easily controlled, try doing this protocol.

Walk 12.5m and back, each minute, only resting for the remainder of your minute, before starting again. “That is a lot of time your biceps and postural muscles spend under tension” says Tracey.

1– Towel Down

Put a towel through the handle of your kettlebell. Keep your feet at shoulder width, then hinge down, with your back straight. Hold an end in both hands. Drive your hips straight forward and lift the kettlebell in a deadlift-like motion.

 2– Right Angle

Keep your eyes looking straight ahead and your shoulders back, curl the bell up until your forearms are parallel to the ground, with your elbows being at 90°.

3– Tense Your Core

Tense your abs and walk with long, powerful strides. Have a strong grip on the towel to keep your muscle fibers turned on and working continuously.

4– Slow Gains

As your traps and biceps begin to burn, resist the urge to speed through the exercise. The kettlebell will swing around; “It is in a dangerous position, so make sure to keep it under control,” says Tracey.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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