If You Could Only Eat 1 SuperFood a Day, Make Sure It’s This…

Vitamins: Spinach is filled with vitamin B and other vital vitamins like E, A, K, and C that improve your skin and treat multiple skin-related problems. And because of the vitamin A inside spinach, it increases your immunity by blocking inflammation and infections to a great extent. It also helps strengthen the membranes of your urinary, respiratory, and intestinal tracts. Vitamin A is also a major part of white blood cells that fight diseases.

Anti-inflammatory: Spinach also aids in giving relief from inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis, asthma, arthritis and even migraines.

Brain and nervous system: Spinach will help you maintain brain health, especially in older patients. The high content of vitamins K and C and folate helps to protect your nervous system. It also helps your processing abilities.

Gastrointestinal: Spinach has high amounts of vitamin C and beta carotene that help gastrointestinal health. It guards the colorectal cells from cancers caused by free radicals. The folate in spinach also helps to stop DNA damage of colon cells.

Muscle growth:  Spinach strengthens muscular tissues. Zinc, Magnesium and other ingredients help you to sleep better and that in turn helps your body to recover faster.

Hypertension: Spinach is a good solution for high blood pressure. It can also lower anxiety and stress.

Cancer patients: Spinach is filled with antioxidants and flavonoids that increase healthy cell division, preventing cancer growths and tumors.

Bone health: Spinach can help you protect and strengthen your bones due to its calcium content. It also helps to stop the onset of osteoporosis. Spinach even helps build your muscle tissues and your collagen production.

Blood flow: Spinach is filled with iron and so many other vital nutrients. It helps in recovering from illness and spinach juice is even given to people who have been weakened by severe bleeding or anemia.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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