Is Becoming Ageless Possible? Listen to This

By Marc Perry September 16th ,2019 | Image Source : Built Lean

If you want to improve your health (and your life) while enjoying some timeless nuggets of wisdom, you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Strauss Zelnick is the CEO of Take Two Interactive, which is a multibillion dollar gaming company. He’s also a family man and looks fantastic at 61 despite a dizzying number of intense demands placed on him.

So how does he do it all?

In the podcast below, he gives you a straight answer along with critical information about exercise and nutrition I believe you must know.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my review of Becoming Ageless, which is Strauss’ #1 best selling book (See: Marc Perry’s Becoming Ageless Book Review).

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About Strauss Zelnick

Strauss is the CEO of Take Two Interactive, which is a multi-billion dollar public gaming company that has produced Grand Theft Auto, NBA2k, Civilization, among other blockbuster media properties. He’s also the Chairman of Zelnick Media, which invests in a portfolio of media companies. Strauss actually has a life outside of work; he’s the father of 3 kids and has been married for almost 30 years. He currently resides in New York City. Strauss has become a living legend not only for his business acumen (he was President of 20th Century Fox at just 28 years old), but his brutally intense training regimen that includes 10-12 workouts a week.


(1:23) Background

(3:04) Exercise

(9:24) Nutrition

(18:48) Lifestyle

(31:11) Closing Remarks

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