Jean Claude Van Damme Reveals His #1 Fitness Secret

Jean-Claude Van Damme says to stay fit later in life, the secret is keeping the right posture.

The 50yo actor went on Good Morning Britain where he stressed the most vital thing about fitness is ‘standing correctly’, and says most people don’t know the ‘right posture’.

He explained you should ‘elevate your chin’ when walking and keep your hips in the right spot.

‘As you get older, the head gets better, but your body must adjust. Like a car that has been driven a lot, eventually you have to adjust things’, he said.

‘The most vital part is knowing you must have great posture, then the whole world opens up to you.

‘Some people have flat feet, so they don’t tilt their hips right, and their back is not as straight as it should be.

‘You cannot run before knowing how to walk, you first have to walk right in terms of posture.’

Speaking about the rib cage, he said: ‘To open it you must roll your shoulders and lock into a spot where you open the cage’.

The actor has held online work out classes from his home, and his YouTube videos break down different workouts that increase muscle and flexibility.

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