Keto Breakfast Ideas (That Aren’t Scrambled Eggs)

By Isadora Baum December 27th, 2019 | Image Source : MSN

Keto Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast can seem like a chore. For starters, it can be hard to find time to make something when you’re rushing off to work. Plus, if you’re on a diet where restrictions apply, it can be even harder, especially if the diet is keto. Most breakfast foods are high in carbs (think: pastries, muffins, cereals, oatmeal, etc.), so when you’re on the keto diet and you’re keeping your carb count as low as 25 net carbs per day, your go-tos are likely off-limits.

Luckily, you can still enjoy breakfast foods worth waking up for when you’re on the keto diet. Click through the slideshow above for seven recipes to keep on hand for quick and easy morning grub.

Ground Chia Seed Pudding

This high-fat, low-carb chia seed pudding is totally keto-friendly and makes for a sweet and filling breakfast that you can make ahead and take on the go. The chia seeds provide healthy, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as fiber, so you stay fuller longer. It’s like you’re having dessert for breakfast but with tons of nutrients to jump-start your day.

Keto Chorizo Omelet

This keto breakfast omelet is high in fat and protein, thanks to the chorizo and cheddar cheese. Meat lovers can top the omelet with a garnish of crumbled bacon, along with some sour cream and avocado for bonus Mexican flavor. (Vegan? No problem: Try this vegan keto tofu scramble instead.)

Keto Crunchy Granola Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast granola is super easy to eat when you’re heading off to the office and need a quick bite. (You can also just pour a serving into a plastic bag to eat once you get to work.) Often, though, granola’s sugar and carb count is off the charts, which can make that “healthy” breakfast not-so-great for you—or your ketosis. Instead, this keto granola is high in good fats and low in carbs, so you can have your cereal and ketosis too.

Low-Carb Keto Bagels

A bagel and coffee is a classic breakfast duo—but that bagel can be really high in refined carbs. These low-carb keto bagels are made from cheese, almond flour, and egg, for a healthier bagel makeover that still gets the job done. Choose fillings that are keto friendly like avocado, smoked salmon, hummus, egg, or nut butter.

3-Ingredient Bacon & Egg Keto Breakfast Muffins

These egg muffins are portable, high-fat, protein cups that are great for people on a low-carb or keto diet. You can make 12 muffins at once and save them for easy breakfasts throughout the week. (BTW, you can use a muffin tin to whip up some healthy afternoon snacks, too.) This blogger uses avocado oil spray to coat the pan for extra heart-healthy fat. Optional: Add more veggies to bulk them up.

Keto Bacon and Cheese Scones

A scone for breakfast? You’re probably thinking: total carb fest. Surprise! This special keto scone is actually low in carbs and high in fats and protein. Plus, it’s gluten-free, so it’s fine for those on the keto diet who also have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. Each scone is only 220 calories with only 4.5 grams of net carbs, which is nothing, when you consider the average scone.

Keto Cheesy Herb Muffins

These cheesy herb muffins are high in fats and low in carbs, for a savory and portable breakfast that’s nutritious. (You can also try some of these egg muffin recipes for grab-and-go mornings.) It’s like eating a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich—without the carbs holding it all together.

Author: Isadora Baum

Source: MSN: These Keto Diet Breakfast Ideas Will Have You Jumping Out of Bed

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