Mama Knows Best: Science Confirms This ‘Wives’ Tale’

With the increasing popularity of keto diets, carbs are now getting a very bad rap online and in social media. However, not all carbs are equally bad when it comes to your health. While most carbs are said to be terrible for your health, because they turn into sugar in your blood stream and lead to more fat storage and blood vessel damage, there are some carbs that are not so bad.

In fact, there is a lot of research that shows that sweet potatoes could be a boost to your health, from decreasing your risk for getting certain diseases to aiding you in getting the body you have always wanted. Read on to find out the secret good side effects of sweet potatoes.

1 — You might lose weight.

While you have probably considered giving up on carbs to shed the pounds, research says that consuming sweet potatoes could actually make it easier to remove your extra weight. A 2019 study released in Nutrients discovered that, within a group of overweight adults between the ages of 30 and 50, the people who replaced two meals per day with a sweet potato replacement meal shakes shed weight and body fat, along with lowering their total BMI.

2 — You might have better managed blood sugar.

If you have been suffering from major blood sugar fluctuations, consuming some sweet potato on a routine basis can aid you in avoiding those crashes that come from your blood sugar lowering. The same 2019 Nutrients discovered that sweet potato replacement shakes aided the patients in stabilizing their blood sugar, and the four dietary fiber grams in every medium sweet potato can also aid people with this goal.

3 — Your digestion might get more regular.

If you have found your digestion has not been as predictable as you would like, adding more sweet potato into your meals might help. A 2016 controlled study unveiled in Cancer Nursing discovered that, among a selection of leukemia patients, those who ate 200 grams of sweet potato in their diet per day had lowered amounts of constipation.

For these three reasons, sweet potato might just be a hidden superfood no one ever told you about.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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