Man Combines These 2 Diets For Insane Results

Raymond Nazon’s stomach used to be joked about. The 47-year-old Georgian used to weigh 252 pounds and had a large amount of abdominal fat. But learning that he was pre-diabetic and had high cholesterol caused him to change.

Nazon admits to having a sedentary lifestyle and drinking a lot of soft drinks.

“I used to drink a two liter of soda every day and would eat Burger King and frozen chimichangas and ., he said. “I felt terrible. It was a challenge just getting off the couch.”

Nazon started going to the gym five times each week, but struggled to get results from exercise alone. He read posts from people who reported reversing their diabetes using a high-fat, low-carb keto diet, so he tried it himself in 2016.

“I did the keto diet for six weeks and noticed huge changes., he says. Typical meals had lots of meats, veggies, cheese, and nuts. Dinner was usually rotisserie chicken or salmon with kale.

Two months after, he had lost 10 pounds and decided to start also doing intermittent fasting. He tracked his meals and weight using the LIFE Fasting app.

Eventually, Nazon tried going full carnivore and has never looked back, now only eating meat and cheese for the past two years—except for certain special occasions.

“My doctor says I’m crazy., he says. “The nurses say the same but my great blood work has made them curious.”

Nazon now weighs around 175 pounds and is not pre-diabetic anymore. He can also now do a seven-minute mile.

“When you find something that gives you results, stick with it and challenge yourself., he says. “I feel better than I have ever felt in my whole life, including in my 20s.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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