Man’s Shocking 30-Day Body Transformation Goes Viral

By Philip Ellis June 18th, 2020 | Image Source: Men's Health

YouTuber Stan Browney gave himself a month to get into the best shape of his life.

YouTuber Stan Browney loves a challenge. This is the guy who attempted 1,000 situps in a single hour earlier this year. So while he was coaching his brother and sister through their own respective body transformations, Browney decided to challenge himself to get as absolutely shredded as possible in a 30-day period. To add to the pressure and keep himself accountable, he scheduled a physique photoshoot on Day 30.

On day 1, Browney recorded his weight as 173 pounds with 11.6 percent body fat. In order to help him lose body fat as well as build muscle, the first week of the challenge was focused on lowering his calorie intake, eating clean, and increasing the amount of cardio in his workout regimen, in addition to his bodyweight training and lifting. Then in week 2 he upped that cardio even more.

Following a lengthy recovery from a shoulder injury he sustained last year, Browney was able to incorporate more calisthenics into his training during this challenge, but admitted that “getting back to where I was is quite frustrating; it takes a lot of work.”

Around halfway through the transformation, Browney became encouraged by the visible results he was starting to see, including biceps that were more vascular in appearance. “I’ve never had a proper bicep vein,” he enthused, “I’m going for it!”

In week 3, he reduced the calories in his diet even further. Then, in the fourth and final week, Browney cut carbs from his diet almost completely, reducing his carb intake down to 30 grams. On the penultimate day, he ate zero carbs, and then ate an “insane amount of carbs” on the day of the shoot to “fill up the muscles.”

That same week, he drank vast volumes of water, but on the day before the challenge ended, he wasn’t allowed any. Then, on the day of the shoot, he would drink water judiciously to maximize his swole appearance. “Water fills your muscles inside and outside,” he explained. “Inside, it makes your muscles look bigger, but on the outside it makes you look less shredded because they look less veiny.”

At the end of the 30 days, Browney weighed in at 166.7 pounds, and had dropped down to 10.3 percent body fat. . “I’m looking better and better, and leaner and leaner,” he said, pointing out his considerably more toned, visible six-pack abs, and his proudest achievement — a bicep vein of his very own.

Author: Philip Ellis

Source: Men’s Health: Watch This Guy Explain How He Lost Weight and Got Absolutely Shredded in 30 Days

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