Mark Wahlberg’s Fitness Obsession… This Is Going Global

By Marjorie Korn November 22th, 2019 | Image Source : Men's Journal

Mark Wahlberg’s latest obsession is F45 TrainingOpens in a new Window., which has 267 studios in the U.S. and 1,045 worldwide. Every studio runs the same workout, so on any given day, you can be sweating with Wahlberg. “We focus on functional-based moments, like hip hinges, squats, overhead movements, things that cater to people in their everyday lives,” says Cory George, athletics director for F45 Training. There are three rotating categories of classes. They alternate between cardioOpens in a new Window. and resistanceOpens in a new Window. from Sunday to Friday, and do a hybrid on Saturday. “We pride ourselves on never doing the same workout twice,” George says. As with any new group fitness class, the first time can be a bit of a shock. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect.

Respect the Blue Turf

At the beginning of class, you’ll all gather on the bright blue track while the two instructors hit the rubber floor to explain and demo the movements you’ll do during the 45-minute class. Everyone exercises together, and newbies are usually paired with a regular. Simply follow along on the television screens hung throughout the studio, and listen for the bing that tells you it’s time to rotate stations.

Keep the Pace

The time breakdowns are different depending on the routine. Strength workouts tend to have longer rest periods, while cardio has shorter breaks to keep the heart rate up.

Can-Do Attitude

If you’re a loner who despises high-fives, this is not the workout for you. F45 is about inclusivity, so everyone is meant to feel welcome and encouraged to put in the work—essentially Wahlberg’s rallying cry.

Want to get more of an inside look at how Wahlberg got those incredible biceps, transformed for films like The Fighter, and stays in shape when he’s not in a heavy-duty training protocol? Check out Mark Wahlberg’s Best Training Advice and Workouts.

Author: Marjorie Korn

Source: Men’s Journal: The Secret to Mark Wahlberg’s Forever-Shredded Physique

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