New Internet Brain Game Is Like A Vaccine For Alzheimer’s

There is a steady stream of innovative games to play on the market, but one game, in particular, has recently gained a lot of fans, including celebrities. If you have not heard of “Wordle” yet—the online word game that is taking the internet by storm—you will soon want to know all about it and its brain-boosting benefits. It seems as though everyone is playing this game, most of whom happen to be millennials. Millions of individuals are reportedly playing Wordle.

Although you can get only one Wordle challenge per day, that is all the time you will need to have a little fun while working out your brain at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about the great benefits of playing this addictive online game.

Here is how you play Wordle

The mastermind that’s behind the Wordle game is Josh Wardle, who is a software engineer from NY City. Wardle created this fun game for his loved one, Palak Shah, who is a word game enthusiast.

The object of Wordle is to find the five-letter word of the day, and every player is given only six attempts each game. Each player guesses what the correct five-letter word might possibly be, and each letter that is chosen will turn a different color indicating one of three possible hints. Green identifies the letters that are exactly where they should be located in the word. Yellow shows which letters are correct, but simply situated in the wrong place. And lastly, letters that are highlighted in grey don’t shouldn’t be in the word of the day at all.

After you figure out the correct word, you can even share your results on social media sites—it will show everyone which attempt you figured out the word. We are just saying, it is fun, challenging, and so very “addicting”—as it was dubbed by Jimmy Fallon.

The game offers major benefits for your brain

What outweighs the benefits of winning Wordle is the benefit your brain will get from playing it. Puzzles that are themed around words and numbers have been proven to improve and stimulate cerebral abilities in older players. Not only will it reduce your chance of getting dementia, but it can also help slow the decay of your cognitive abilities in general.

The social part of it is too good to pass on

As far as the social part of the game is concerned, Wardle explained to NPR, “They will have a family group chat where they all share their results of Wordle with each other. And especially during the pandemic, it being an easy way for people to interact with family and friends that they could not otherwise see.”


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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