New Navy Seal Routine Is Hard… But Look What It Does

When David Goggins was 24 years old, he was 6’1” and weighed in close to 300 pounds. Motivated by a random encounter with a TV commercial one night, he wanted to suddenly become a Navy SEAL. His weight was unsurprisingly an issue. According to the recruiter, with his height, he needed to weigh only 191 pounds if he really wanted to be a Navy SEAL. In under three months, in what he says was a “crazy routine., Goggins lost all his excess pounds.

YouTuber Will Tennyson asked what would happen if he followed Goggins’ plan, in what he labeled “the most epic routine I have ever done in my life.”

It allowed Goggins to shed over one pound per day, but as Tennyson found out, that meant starting his day at 4:30 AM. With breakfast only being a single banana.

Experts say eating a banana before working out can help you reach your potassium needs to promote muscle health and prevent cramps.

Potassium is also important for supporting muscle contractions, which are in turn important for getting the most out of your workouts.

After the breakfast, Goggins then went to the exercise bike for one hour of cardio. (Warning: This is not a normal routine we would recommend anyone really do—it is not completely healthy, and for most people, not something you can do for very long.)

For some, that would be enough, but Goggins’ workout required more. So next he added in a two-hour swim. Then a high-rep workout with very high reps.

Tennyson does all of this with essentially only a banana fueling him until dinner. Just like Goggins did. It’s a crazy routine that no expert would recommend.

The next day he woke up with five pounds less weight. He had burned over 5000 calories, and ate only 800, for a completely insane calorie deficit.

Again, this is not sustainable for most people—and certainly not a doctor approved routine. Tennyson reported that just one day of the Goggins workout “tested me physically and mentally.” Watch the video here:

Author: Scott Dowdy

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