New Study: Common Vitamin Linked To Major Prostate Problems

An overactive bladder might be embarrassing and a very bad nuisance—but if you have this health problem, you are not alone. The American Urological Association says that 33 million Americans have an overactive bladder. Currently, there are many cutting-edge medications to handle this… but if you would prefer to make a small change in your daily routine instead of taking another prescription, a new study suggests that one supplement could be the answer and this has already been triggering new headlines lately.

For a meta-analysis just released this week, four Israel scientists who work in obstetrics did a review of previous studies, which all happened as recently as Aug. 2020. For their review, the researchers looked for research that was performed in connection to urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic floor disorders, and lower urinary tract issues.

Of the studies they looked at, six out of the seven had found that the start and severity of urinary incontinence was greatly linked with not getting enough Vitamin D.

Also, two more randomized trials had discovered that Vitamin D could effectively treat urinary incontinence.

Overall, this led the researchers to say that two-thirds of these studies showed a connection between good Vitamin D intake and better urinary health.

You might already be aware that Vitamin D has been proven to give a range of benefits, such as strengthening bones, helping your immunity, and even helping your mood. So how might it change the bladder?

The researchers say that your bladder detrusor muscle, which contracts to push urine out of your bladder, has Vitamin D receptors. In essence, this Vitamin D can help strengthen your muscles in and around your pelvic floor, including your bladder.

But Vitamin D might do more than just deal with these annoying symptoms, such as running to the bathroom more that you would like. In fact, a study from 2019, researchers found that having low levels of Vitamin D levels was linked with a grater risk of having bladder cancer.

If you have Vitamin D in your house, this could be a good reminder to make sure you are taking it. There are liquid forms available if you don’t like taking pills.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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