New Study Finds The Best Kind Of Coffee — You Won’t Believe What It Is

Multiple studies reveal that coffee gives benefits to your heart, though research also proves that coffee made in certain ways can give you the highest benefits. A new study has found one particular form of coffee for its possible affect on warding off heart disease. Here is what an international team of researchers found.

For a study released this month in the journal Clinical Nutrition ESPEN (published by the Clinical Society of European Nutrition), scientists from Algeria and Greece—all specializing in heart health or nutrition—started off by recognizing that routine coffee consumption is linked with less risk of heart disease.

The focus of this one study was to look at the effects of instant coffee on the formation of heart disease. To do this, the team took data from 1,041 participants between 39 and 67 years old (having an average age of 53.6 years old). In this sample, the scientists found that 30% of these people “habitually drank instant coffee.”

During an initial calculation, they discovered that these consumers of instant coffee had lower systolic blood pressure. (However, after working to adjust for other factors, the science team found perhaps this was not a complete surefire measure.)

Additionally, they found that instant coffee drinking was linked with carotid arterial compliance (which, according to one 2008 study released in Nature, is healthy elasticity in your carotid artery, serving as your marker of heart wellness).

In conclusion, the scientists in the current study report that “routine moderate instant coffee consumption” is linked with elasticity in your arteries—and therefore might also be linked with a lower incidence of heart disease.

Coffee is a controversial morning drink with many health experts recommending against it for its affect on anxiety. While others say that coffee’s proven ability to lower your risk for some cancers and its cognitive benefits are more than enough to outweigh any harmful affects. All of these experts recommend only drinking a maximum of two cups each day, both before 12PM given coffee’s long half-life and its negative affect on a person’s sleep schedule and sleep quality.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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