People Over 50 Should Never Drink This Beverage

Luckily, we reached out to a variety of dietitians to find out which drinking habits anyone aged 50 years or older needs to quit, so you can begin making healthier choices for your body in the long run. Here is what they suggest.

1 — Drinking too many sugary beverages

It would be wise for anyone, at any age to do themself a favor and avoid extra sugar, but people over 50 should definitely try to cut down on the sweet stuff.

“While moderation is the key for healthy eating, consuming a lot of sugar in one drink is something you should be mindful of, especially people over the age of 50,” says Megan Roosevelt, founder of “This is because regular sugar doesn’t include any nutritional benefits and instead might increase the chances of insulin resistance, heart disease and obesity. A diet high in sugar might also contribute to mood disorders and raise the risk of liver disease, high blood pressure, dementia, and certain types of cancer.”

2 — Drinking too much alcohol

“Alcohol is usually considered ’empty calories,’ which means that it gives the body calories but no nutritional value,” Roosevelt continues. “Even alcohol alternatives with no sugar might contribute to weight gain because of the fact that liquid calories lack fat, protein, fiber or any nutrients that would contribute to feeling satisfied and full. This may lead to unwanted extra caloric intake and even skipping more nutritious alternatives in place of that second glass of wine or beer.”

If you would like to splurge every now and then, be sure to choose wisely.

3 — Not drinking enough water

“Not drinking enough water, is another important harmful habit,” says Dr. Lisa Young, author of Finally slim, Finally full, and a member of our medical board. “So many times we worry about drinking too much alcohol and soda as an issue for those over age 50, but not consuming enough water is equally problematic.”

Young also points out that not drinking much water will lead to dehydration and constipation. While consuming high fiber foods is crucial to help prevent constipation, fiber works better when it is paired with enough water. Add mint, lemon, or even a splash of your preferred juice to help make water taste better.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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