Science Finds The #1 Breakfast For Building Muscle

To get the most muscle building and fat burning from your breakfast, use a third of your plate for high-quality protein. 

According to nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, Sarah Coe, two large eggs should do the job – giving you 14 grams of muscle-building amino acids, plus other essential micronutrients like selenium, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids and iodine.

By prioritizing protein over baked foods, you will end up with healthier choices through the rest of your day.

That’s because protein alters the activity in brain regions connected to food motivation, so you are less likely to eat unhealthy foods later on.

Next, go for bread for a source of starchy carbohydrates. Don’t feel required to buy sprouted sourdough – your average supermarket wholegrain with extra seeds gives about 2g of gut-boosting fibre, contributing to your 30 grams for the day and even protecting you from clon cancer.

Next, add at least one portion of vegetables like tomatoes and grilled mushrooms. These foods are very nutrient-dense and full of fibre.

“Soluble fibre feeds the good microbes in your gut, helping them to create fatty acids that might reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, and heart disease,” Coe says.

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