Scientists Find The Best (And Surprising) Brain Exercise

Exercise is paramount for your brain health, and a thorough sweat can even help create new neurons in your hippocampus—which is the brain area linked with learning, memory and emotions.

But which type of movement has the best impact for your brain health? All of them gets your blood flowing through your brain. But if neurologist Dean Sherzai had to pick a favorite? It would be stairs.

The best brain health exercise

For growing brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which is a molecule that grows brain cells, “leg strength is most important by far., says Dean.

Research shows that by using your legs, especially using weight-training, you will send signals to your brain that are crucial for creating healthy neural cells.

Another 2015 study revealed that out of 324 healthy people, those with stronger legs had less brain changes associated with aging after 10 years. “It’s almost like larger legs, means bigger brain., Ayesha adds.

So why are stairs especially great?

Well, not only do stars target leg muscles, there is also an aerobic benefit to it. Aerobic exercise is also thought to be good for your brain since it raises your heart rate, which means it pushes more oxygen into your brain and body. “I believe stairs could be one of the healthiest things that I can think of., Dean says.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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