Spiderman Actor Reveals How He Got Shredded

In his upcoming movie Chaos Walking, Tom Holland ‘s character is a young colonizer left alone on an alien world. This role plus his Spider-Man role means he has to stay fit. For his new Netflix movie, Tom asked pro trainer Yousif Mahdi Kampoori to help him create a unique program to give him a dystopian survivalist style fitness.

The two focused especially on getting the actor more shredded than normal. Kampoori kept notes on their superset sessions.

Kampoori created this program to create strength in the lean actor. The training was also aided by Tom’s active gymnastics. The workout described below is an example of one training session.

Equipment: dumbbells and kettlebells

Directions: Do the warmup, then the workout. The four exercises below are grouped into 2 sections (supersets). Perform all reps for each exercise, then move to the next, taking a 45-second break between each set for a complete total of three sets. Then continue to the next group.

Warmup: Shadowbox for 3 minutes: Keeping your legs going as you throw a jab/cross right hook/cross hook combo.

1A. Kettlebell Press for 5 reps per side

Get a kettlebell with hard but doable weight. Stand with your feet at shoulder-width, holding your kettlebell in a bottoms-up position with the bell point upward, bring your elbow near your body with the kettlebell in front of your head. Use your core to prevent your ribs from flaring, and push the kettlebell up into a straight line over your head until your elbow locks. Hold, then go back slowly to the starting position. Repeat your reps, then switch to your other arm.

1B. Glute Bridge for 10 reps

Place a looped resistance band (heavy) above your knees and lie down. Keep your arms along your sides, bend at your knees, and walk your feet near your glutes (your fingertips should be able to reach your heels). Drive your heels to bring hips up, creating a straight path between your shoulders and your knees. Maintain tension and don’t allow your knees to cave. Return to your starting spot, then quickly go back up.

2A. Trap Bar Deadlifts for 8 reps

Stand in the center of a trap bar with your feet at hip-width. Bend at your knees and hinge at your hips to grab the handles. Push your heels against the floor, use your core, and keep a flat back and stuck out chest as you push the bar up. Then return to the floor in a controlled and slow motion.

2B. Chinups for 8 reps

Stand underneath a pullup bar. Using an underhand grip, and keeping your hands a little narrower than shoulder-width, start by hanging with your knees bent and feet crossed. Using your core and keeping your back straight, pull yourself up until your chin reaches the bar, putting your eyes right over it. Hold for a second, then go back slowly to the starting spot.

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