Superman Actor Reveals His Muscle-Building Smoothie

Despite being Superman in the movie Batman V Superman five years ago, Henry Cavill is still in superhero shape. His role as the monster hunter Geralt in the Witcher tv show has seen the 38-year-old keep building his fitness and increasing his fighting stamina to match.

Working with the Hollywood fitness mastermind Dave Rienzi — usually mentioned along with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s training — has helped Cavill turn into a formidable force in the gym. In a past Q&A interview, Cavill revealed some training tips that have allowed him to push his boundaries while in the gym or on set.

“I have been through peaks in my physicality, depending on how difficult a job was, how much physical work I have put into it and how much time off I have afterward and not getting access to the same facilities to use,” Cavill said during the interview when asked about how his fitness has changed. “One of the big things is that I am now investing in making sure I always have those facilities available to me.”

If this sounds familiar, it is the same approach that Johnson took up to create his home gym, which he calls the “Iron Paradise.” For Cavill, the perfect home gym is a “maximal” set-up, “a large area, with all the needed equipment.” And, as he admits during the interview, he is “better at everything now. It’s been 10 years since Man of Steel, so I believe I’m more experienced now.”

His hard work is copied in his diet, too. Talking to GQ, he starts his day with “one and a half scoops of a grass-fed whey with a cup of oats along with some berries in a blender…The other part is an omelette with some ham in there, and I believe it’s around six ounces of beef filet. I will go on to meal two which is around three hours later, and that meal is chicken with white rice with a side of curry sauce, since I like the flavour.”

“Meal three is three hours after that and will be the same, but only with brown rice. Then meal four is four ounces of beef along with sweet potato…then I have a pre-bed protein shake.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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