The #1 Habit That Guarantees You’ll Get Omicron


The Omicron wave is far from over in several parts of the nation and as the strain continues to sweep across the United States, taking preventive measures to stay away from the virus is the key to remaining healthy. Although the Omicron strain is highly contagious and spreading like wildfire, there are ways you can help prevent catching it. Dr. Janice Johnston has revealed five things that can put you at a greater risk for catching Omicron. Keep reading to learn about all 5 things.

1 — Smoking

Dr. Johnston explains, “If you are a smoker it can make you more likely to catch the Omicron strain because they usually touch their mouth and face a lot more than normal. Smoking can also cause more damage to your lungs, which makes you more susceptible to a bad case of COVID.”

2 — Heavy Alcohol Consumption

Dr. Johnston states, “Drinking excessively can weaken your immune system and put you at an increased risk of having a severe case of the virus, specifically for acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is one of the worst complications of the COVID virus. People also often get together in places like nightclubs or bars when drinking, which poses an increased risk of catching the Omicron variant if you are not socially distancing properly.”

3 — Poor Eating Habits

According to Dr. Johnston, “It is very important to stay on a healthy diet consisting of nutrients that boost the immune system. This includes consuming foods that contain vitamin C like oranges and other citrus, green vegetables like spinach or broccoli and zinc like salmon or other fish. This helps to keep your immune system stronger and more capable of fighting off the virus.”

4 — Going to the Gym

“Getting more exercise and remaining healthy is important for your immune system and body, but going to the gym, especially indoors, could put you at an increased risk of catching COVID.” says Dr. Johnston. “Indoor gyms might have poor ventilation, and there are a lot of high-contact surfaces. When you visit the gym, it is very important to socially distance and wipe down any surfaces before using them.”

5 — Eating at a Restaurant Indoors

Dr. Johnston says that, “Eating out indoors, mainly at a crowded restaurant, could pose a risk for catching COVID-19, especially for anyone who is unvaccinated. While eating you are not able to wear a mask, as with others in the restaurant. With COVID-19 able to live in the air for up to 3 hours, it could make it a lot easier to spread in a maskless environment such as a restaurant. If you are eating out at a restaurant, it is best to be vaccinated, eat outside if possible, and socially distance yourself.”


Author: Steven Sinclaire

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