The Best Anti-Aging Vitamin Is Not What You Think

Even though a long life is not guaranteed, there are some things you can do to help boost your chances of a longer life.

Getting better sunlight, having an active social life, and staying on a sleep schedule that is good for your body can all help to increase your golden years, also, keeping active and doing things to keep your mood up are important things you can do.

The foods you eat are also important, with some foods prolonging your life expectancy and others possibly taking a toll. Fresh research shows that if you have a higher amount of vitamin A in your body it will help you live longer.

The study, released in the journal of BioMed Research, researchers compared different  metabolites and antioxidants (molecules that fight against possible damaging free radicals), comparing the presence of them to information about participants’ lifespans.

Even though researchers could not find any connection between vitamin E, vitamin C, or with several  others on life expectancy, they did discover that the higher the amount of vitamin A for a long period of time, the more of a chance that people would live longer. Also, the connection was more than people with extra vitamin A just living longer for some other reason, the vitamin really had an effect on their length of life.

However, Nichole Dandrea, the author of The Fiber Effect, cautions in her latest interview that the study only looked at those of European background, so the results might not be generalizable.

She also said that researchers didn’t say if the participants were getting their vitamin A from supplements or from the foods they ate. As such, she suggests that if you stay on a diet that is full of foods that are rich in vitamins you do not really need to add new supplements.

“I would not go out and buy vitamin A supplements after hearing about this research,” she says. “But, I believe it is important to know this information and continue to eat vegetables and fruits which contain carotenoids like carrots, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens.” 

Author: Scott Dowdy

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