The Best Exercise For Perfectly Sculpted Shoulders

Your rear shoulder muscles (sometimes called your rear delts) are difficult muscles to reach. Fortunately, there is one exercise that can not just work this muscle directly, but, if done right, can transform them into perfectly sculpted shoulders that women love seeing.

The dumbbell rear delt fly makes it easy to isolate your rear delts. When you workout this muscle, you will experience greater strength and endurance, thanks to the exercises ability to target more than just your delts. Along with improved posture since having a week upper back and rear shoulders makes your posture worse.

Ready to get going and build a better set of shoulders and powerful upper back? Here is everything you must know about doing the rear shoulder fly.

The Rear Delt Fly Using Dumbbells

To get the best results from this exercise, you need to maintain your shoulders in a good form. To do this, follow these step-by-step instructions.

1. Stand with your feet at hip-width and hold your dumbbells.

2. Bring your hips back and bend at the knees slightly as you go over with a flat back. Keep this hip-hinge position through the exercise.

3. Let your weights hang toward the floor with your elbows bent and palms pointing toward each other.

4. Maintain your shoulders away from your ears and a bend in your elbows, lift your weights out to your sides until they are aligned with your shoulders.

5. Lower your dumbbells with control.


To ensure you are isolating the right muscle, keep your motion controlled and slow.

The rear delt is a hard muscle to reach, so your form is vital as you do this exercise. You should start with a small weight and try 10 reps. Then you can increase the weight.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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