The Best “Pulling” Exercises To Stay Fit Into Your 90s

Pulling is something people do every day. By training your body to make the pulling move with more strength and stability, you can move more comfortably as you get older.

That is why it’s crucial to incorporate many pulling exercises into your workout routine.

Exercises that workout your pulling ability by engaging the whole posterior chain not only help strengthen your body but also teach you the right way to pick things up. Practicing such exercises like pulling weight up from the ground is crucial to facilitate stability and strength and help lower the risk of getting a back injury.

For a good fitness routine, do at least one of these pulling exercise in every exercise session you do. With the best results coming from doing both of them multiple times every week.

The 2 Best Pulling Exercises for Healthy Aging

Move 1: Bent-Over Row

1 — Stand behind your bar with your feet apart and in line with your hips. Hinge your torso over, push your butt backward and bend your knees to grab your barbell with a palms down grip.

2 — Brace your core and try to keep your back flat as you bring the bar off the ground. Your torso should be near horizontal as you grab it without rounding or jerking as you bring it up. Keeping your hips as far back as you can will stop any stress from getting to your lower back.

3 — Row your bar up to your upper waist, bending at your elbows so they can move behind your torso. Then squeeze your shoulder blades and stop at the top of the move.

4 — Keep your spine and core stable as you bring your arms out and lower the bar so it hangs by your shins.

Move 2: Seated Band Row

1 — Sit on your gym floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Wrap your resistance band around your feet and keep your grip onto each end with your arms stretched out.

2 — Keeping your core braced and your spine straight, pull every end of the band to your torso and bend at your elbows, stopping when they get past your back. Then squeeze your shoulder blades.

3 — Pause for a moment before then going in reverse to bring your band back to the starting spot.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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