The Deadly Health Warning Hiding On Your Face

Getting a good night’s rest is connected to greater athletic performance and brain functioning. It’s also believed to influence our facial appearance, leading to the phrase “beauty sleep.” But does sleep deprivation actually alter the way we look?

As an experiment, Mitch and Greg from the AsapSCIENCE channel didn’t sleep for 36 hours, taking pictures every 6 hours to see if a lack of sleep changed their appearance.

“Scientists don’t understand why we look so bad when we don’t sleep,” says Greg, citing the two top theories from science that might explain the issue.

The first theory says that when you are sleep-deprived, your immune system is weakened and you are more prone to accidents. With this weakened state reflected on your face, other members of your group know to avoid you. The second theory says that being sleep deprived makes you more pessimistic, and less able to show emotion.

At the end of the challenge, both Greg and Mitch looked noticeably different, with Greg’s face in particular seeming to be inflamed. “I look so sad!” He says. “I would for sure stay away from the person on the right.” Mitch also looks very unhappy, with more visible eye lines.

The two takeaways from this is very simple: First, get plenty of sleep not just for the health benefits but also for better appearance. And two, if you notice your face is puffy or looks bad, it might be a sign you need more sleep.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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