The Foolproof Way To Live Longer

To discover strategies for longevity and health, nutrition specialist Esosa Edosomwan decided to go straight to people who were already successful.

She started by talking to people like 79yo Annette Larkins and supercentenarian Bernando LaPallo to find their habits and techniques for living longer. After these discussions, Edosomwan found that everyone she talked to had the same rituals in three vital areas.


The general thinking is that eating a range of whole foods supports a healthy lifestyle. But of the people interviewed, “many of them were consuming diets high in plant-based foods,” Edosomwan says, “but not everyone.” Edosomwan recommends finding the eating style that works best for your body type. And if needed, using genetic testing or consulting with a nutritionist to find that perfect diet.


Keeping a regular routine when it comes to bathroom elimination can help your liver, kidney and gut health. Edosomwan says that the longevity interviewers all seemed to make this a priority.

“They are all drinking lots of water, they’re going to the bathroom, their colons are going well,” she says.

Most of your immune system is inside your gut, so by keeping a healthy digestion, you can protect yourself against disease and inflammation. Eating fiber and drinking lots of water are two easy ways to support these systems.


Along with organ support, keeping up with your mental health also seems to be important for longevity. “I noticed they had positive attitudes. They all looked on the brighter side of life,” she explains.

They used things like mindfulness and prayer. “Bernando LaPallo was Christian and would routinely read his Bible, and the others would do yoga or meditation all the time,” she says.

Finding a routine to keep yourself centered can help manage your stress, and that greatly influences your life expectancy. Research has proven that stress is the foundation of most health problems.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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