The “Holy Trinity” Of Cardio And Weight Lifting

The ‘Loaded Carry Trinity’ allows you to get as much from your workout as possible. By combining cardio and weights, you can get some of the best variations possible. Grab some dumbbells and do as many of these as possible in 15 minutes, and resting only 60 seconds between each set.

1) Overhead Carry (20 meters)

Start by bringing your dumbbells overhead. Take some breaths before beginning to walk. As you walk, try not to flare your ribcage; keep your core activated and your biceps very close, almost touching, your ears. The stability you will create across your entire shoulder here is very important for preventing injury.

2) Front rack carry (20 meters)

Now lower your dumbbells to your chest, with your knuckles almost hitting the underside of your chin. Start walking forward: with your eyes forward and chest up. Try to ensure you maintain in a straight walk and avoid side-to-side movement.

3) Farmers Carry (40 meters)

Finally this is the ‘easiest’ of the group, lower your hands to your side and allow your arms to hang, take a large breath and start a fast walk. When you get to the 20 meter mark, turn around and go back. Try not to drop the dumbbells.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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