The Key To Better Workouts Is Probably In Your Pantry

If you’re wanting to maximize the fat you burn during your next workout, consider drinking a coffee thirty minutes before – as new research shows it could do incredible things for your fat burning, especially later on in your day.

Researchers discovered that 3mg of caffeine per kg of body weight can increase the rate of fat burning during exercise.

The coffee seemed to increase fat oxidation rate by around 10.7 percent in the morning and a whopping 29 percent later in the day.

“The advice to exercise after waking and with an empty stomach to maximize fat loss is well known,” says researcher Francisco José Amaro-Gahete.

“But this advice might be without a scientific foundation, as it is not known if this increase is because of the exercise or because the person is going longer without eating.”

The Scientists were eager to analyze the connection between exercise and caffeine. The stimulant is often linked with greater athletic abilities and benefits, though the data has not been as complete as scientists would like.

“The findings of our study shows that caffeine consumption just 30 minutes before an exercise test raised maximum fat oxidation from exercise no matter the time,” says Amaro-Gahete.

The discovery adds another layer to the ongoing discoveries about caffeine’s affects on our brains and bodies, with much more potentially to be discovered.

If you’re wondering how to make use of this study to best maximize your workouts, the scientists give this advice: one cup of coffee before a workout could give worthwhile benefits. And in particular:

“These results show that caffeine consumption and exercise in the afternoon give the best outcome,” the researchers conclude.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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