The “Magic Dose” Of Coffee Is Probably More Than You Think

The liver has the unenviable job of decided the concentration and excretion of the majority of herbs, drugs, supplements, and toxins put inside your body. It cleans up your body’s blood and it uses the nutrients and nobody gives it much attention until it gets hurt.

And it gets damaged a lot. We humans, in general, abuse our livers all the time. We are constantly consuming all kinds of drugs with little regard to how it hurts us. Most of the time the liver cells regenerate, but hurt it enough and you can come down with cirrhosis, which is a type of scarring of the liver which hurts the way it functions.

This can then lead to liver cancer, or even the cirrhosis can kill you by itself.

The list of things that can harm your liver include antibiotics, sugar, smoking and of course alcohol.

Luckily, a new study has found that consuming a few cups of coffee each day – with 4 cups going past the maximum effect – can guard us from liver disease. What’s more, it does not matter if it is regular or decaf.

What They Discovered

Researchers looked at data about the dietary habits of 495,585 people over 10.7 years to decide if any external factors had a role in whether or not they came down with liver disease.

One thing popped out: Seventy-eight percent of the people who drank some type of coffee, while the rest did not drink any coffee.

Compared to people who didn’t drink coffee, the people who did had a 21% lowered chance of getting chronic liver disease, a 20% lower change of fatty liver disease along with a 49% less likelihood of dying from liver diseases.

The form of coffee with the best protection was ground coffee. The best protective effect was seen in people who drank 3-4 cups of coffee per day.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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