The Mindset Trick For Effortless Weight Loss

Michael Sebti was bullied over his size. At his heaviest—almost 445 pounds.

In an episode of the series Brand New Me, Sebti showed off his incredible weight loss and how he dropped 286 pounds in only two years. 

Sebti says he first got motivation mostly from the negativity that was surrounding him at the time. “The people who would criticize me,” he says, “that turned into fuel for my workouts.”

In the video, Sebti shows off his cycling, boxing and lunges, but he does not credit any single activity—or even eating changes—for his huge weight loss. Instead, he reports taking a more holistic approach: “Most of weight loss is your head,” he says. “Once your mind is fixed, losing fat is not hard.”

As the pounds went away, Sebti says, the hardest obstacle was his loose skin, which led to him having three surgeries. Following that, he is now satisfied with the end result.

Sebti now says he wants to start bodybuilding—laughing at the irony of now working hard to put on weight after his efforts to lose weight. “My goal is to totally reform my body,” he says.

As a final piece of advice for people looking to hit their own weight loss goals, Sebti gives a powerful maxim: Believe in your abilities. 

“Every time people put you down,” he says, “use it as fuel for your exercise and your health goals.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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