The Most Popular Weight Loss Tips on the Internet Get Fact Checked

By Men's Health August 11th, 2020 | Image Source: MSN
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Doctor Mike has tried out all kinds of popular diets and nutrition plans on his YouTube channel, including going keto and adopting a plant-based diet. For his newest video, he decided to do a deep dive into all of the advice that’s out there regarding the best, fastest or most effective ways to lose weight, and subjected these pearls of wisdom to fact-checking. Here are his responses to some of the most erroneous and outrageous claims.

Drinking black coffee will boost your metabolism

“Caffeine is a stimulant, so it could potentially boost your metabolism,” says Mike, acknowledging that black coffee specifically doesn’t have excess calories from sugar, cream etc. Additionally, black coffee can be consumed while intermittent fasting. “You’re still going to be getting those same benefits, with a little stimulation.”

Watching yourself eat in a mirror will make you consume less food

“If you want to hang a mirror in front of your dining table because of decor, please go right ahead,” says Mike. “If you’re doing it so you’ll hate yourself while you’re eating, no!”

Using smaller dishes will make you feel full when you see a clean plate

“I like this tip, I think it’s a fairly benign tip,” says Mike, who has identified portion size as a recurring problem in the eating habits of his overweight patients. A smaller plate immediately helps to reduce that amount of food, and he agrees that there is a psychological component to seeing a clean plate and feeling full. ”

Replace your normal protein intake with whey protein powder

“I am hesitant to recommend this one,” says Mike. “I feel like you can find nutrient-rich protein sources like salmon and tuna, and in addition to the protein, you’re also going to get a lot other nutrients that aren’t in protein powder, like omega 3 fatty acids.”

Chewing slowly gives your brain time to signal to your stomach that you’re full
Mike amends this advice slightly to “chew thoroughly”, but sees the value in not eating too quickly, and giving the body time to react to your food intake. “It’s really about eating to the point where you’re satiated,” he says.

Drinking green tea helps you burn fat

The theory here is that the catechins in green tea work in concert with caffeine to burn fat. However, Mike warns, “It’s not going to be a magical effect that you see here.”

Get used to feeling hungry

“You can lose weight without necessarily ever feeling hungry and suffering with it,” says Mike, who recommends intuitive eating, where you only eat to the point that you feel satiated, but not overly full. “That way, you’re not overeating calories, you’re not having these tremendous portions, and you don’t have to starve yourself.”

Snacking frequently prevents your metabolism from slowing down

“This one has been pretty much debunked by modern science,” says Mike.

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Author: Men’s Health

Source: MSN: Watch a Doctor Fact-Check the Most Popular Weight Loss Tips on the Internet

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