The Rock’s #1 Fitness “Secret”

The ending episode of Young Rock, the show based on the life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has a moment so important that it has turned into somewhat of an urban legend—and it ties directly into Johnson’s training.

Johnson says he never ends a training session before it is really over, even if that means causing other people to wait. The actor shared a clip from his show on his Instagram, and gave some context for what he says is an “intense and defining story.”


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As the story goes, during his last year of high school, Johnson joined the University of Miami to play football. But when the team’s coach, Dennis Erickson, traveled to Pennsylvania to offer him the scholarship, Johnson made him wait for an hour while he finished his workout.

“I was lifting weights and had the choice to end my workout OR finish strong,” Johnson wrote. “I finished strong. They were angry. Until I got home, sweaty and I was honest about finishing my workout. They really LOVED that.”

Even then, it was important to Johnson to commit everything he could to avoid half-measures.

“These days, there are no explanations needed as everyone in my life knows I will always finish my training,” Johnson said. “It’s a psychological thing… to always finish the job.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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